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Is your shopping cart ready for PSD2 SCA?

Authentication is core to payment processing in Europe, so if your digital transactions are not authenticated, you will be expected to implement a solution before your business is impacted.

Protect your shopping cart before the SCA requirement is enforced.

PSD2 will have a significant impact on your e-commerce shopping carts as the new SCA rules become effective.

  • Merchants must support a two-factor authentication solution in order to successfully process payments – this will have a direct impact on a merchant’s ability to accept online payments.
  • In order to accept payments, an SCA solution is required to be built into checkout flows for transactions in the EEA.

Protect your shopping cart with an SCA solution to keep
your sales from crashing.

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Ask these 3 questions before implementing an SCA solution in your business.

There’s a lot to consider when preparing for the SCA requirement – including the different ways your online payments are being processed. There are 3 key questions you need to ask yourself before implementing an SCA solution in your business.

To process online payments, your shopping cart, gateway, and plug-in must support the criteria for PSD2 SCA. If they don’t comply, you’ll need to find a solution that fits the new security standards.


Solve for SCA using Cardinal’s 3DS shopping cart modules.

Connect your shopping cart for EMV® 3DS – the industry standard for meeting SCA requirements.

  • 3DS simplifies the payment authentication process for you and your customers during checkout.
  • It works behind the scenes on any device and enables two-factor authentication.
  • Merchants can support 3DS in their shopping cart using our 3DS plug-in modules.

Install the Cardinal 3DS plug-in to get ready now.

For over two decades we’ve been bringing new merchants, issuers, and shoppers together in an experience where everybody wins. We partner with many popular shopping carts and gateway providers who already support 3DS.

  • Cardinal’s 3DS solution fulfills the PSD2 SCA requirement – we connect to the most popular shopping carts
  • Help solve for SCA, using Cardinal’s shopping cart modules – we do the heavy lifting
  • With one integration, you can connect with the shopping carts you use most – we make implementation easy

As an added benefit, if your shopping cart supports 3DS as an SCA solution, you can integrate by installing our plug-in for your online store.

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The Cardinal 3-D Secure plug-in provides:

  • A more secure customer experience
  • Chargeback liability shifts to merchants

With Cardinal’s shopping cart modules, merchants using WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, and 3dcart in the EEA can connect quickly and easily to their gateway/payment service.

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Looking for more? Learn how to manage exemptions in our Beginner’s Guide to PSD2 SCA

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